Maas & Bath Ergo Z Pillow & Fitted Pillow Cover Bundle
$179.99 $76.98


  • 1x Maas & Bath Ergo Z Pillow
  • 1x Fitted Pearl White Pillow Cover 

Experience the unparalleled comfort of the Maas & Bath Ergo Z Pillow, expertly designed to support a restful night's sleep. Includes custom fitted Pillow Cover.

Its ergonomic design contours perfectly to your sleeping posture, providing optimal neck and head support.

Ideal for a rejuvenating sleep experience, the Ergo Z Pillow is your gateway to waking up refreshed every morning.

The anti-wrinkle pillow cover is crafted from the softest cotton and offers a gentle touch against your skin, enhancing your sleep experience.

Designed to perfectly fit your Ergo Z Pillow, it's the epitome of comfort and elegance, ensuring a soothing, restful night's sleep.

Get this pillow & cover bundle today at a discount!

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